Sunday, June 23, 2013

She's 3. Tear.

Harper turned three today. I couldn't love her more. Passionate. Compassionate. Sensitive. Spirited. Strong-willed. Hilarious. Beautiful, her. She made me a mom and has made my life full every day since. Happy birthday, Tiny Dancer. Thanks for being wonderful you.

Harper picked a purple and pink polish and popcorn party. She genuinely loves all four themes.

Sad that this the best shot I have of some of Harp's friends. I never remember to get group pics.

Meet Ballet. Jane and Lela win the "Most Creative Gift" award.

My big girl. I can hardly take it.

Her adoring little sister. I can hardly take it.

Capturing a family pic with all family members looking takes an act of Congress. Unfortunately, Congress isn't in session on Sundays.

She promised me she would stay little forever. 

She better keep her promise.