Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To Make It Out of Sight

That's why we got two. Fig and Newton. Introducing the newest Murphys. Thanks, Aunt Linda!



They are both Manx, but it's only noticeable in Fig. She has elongated hind legs and a stub for a tail. She also has thumbs, one of which is two toes merged together. And, Newton has seven toes on his front paws. Lane gets grossed out if we talk about it too much. I kind of like the mitten look. 

Harper adores her new kitties. She makes this grunt/growl noise while doing a lot of poking. Remember this character? She's not too far off.

And, a small shout out to these two...who are both moping around, acting like life isn't worth living anymore. 


Proof that Kingsley really does cry about the cats.

Monday, September 26, 2011


We had a fun weekend in Wichita Falls at Lane's cousin's wedding. Here are a couple pics. Getting good family pictures are hard...Harper hasn't quite gotten the concept of looking and smiling at the camera. And, somehow I magically always have a double-quadruple chin. I love it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Night

Me: Hey babe, you're home early. How was your softball game?
Lane: Pretty good. The ump ended the game because we made too many runs on them.
Me: What was the score?
Lane: 21 to 1.
Me: Shoot. Poor them.Who did you play?
Lane: Caterpillar (the bulldozer company) B Team
Me: Sad
Lane: Yah, and three of the guys were wearing jorts with hammer hooks.
Me: So sad.
Lane: Yah, and Steve hit a line drive and hit the pitcher in the *groin. The guy just rolled around on the ground while the ump yelled "Don't rub it." Steve felt really bad. (This story is actually 50 million times funnier if you know Steve. Why?...because Steve is stinking hilarious and this story fits him perfect. I can just see him kind of mumbling a small apology while scooting on to first base.)
Me: Laughing so hard I can't breathe.
Lane: Have you ever seen a worm do the worm? I just saw an earthworm do the worm on TV.
Me: Wait. What?

I know what you are thinking and you are exactly right. 

*Word replacement to remain audience appropriate.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

You Say Tomato

Harper's school sent home a parent involvement volunteer form so parents could sign up to help with school activities. One section of the form offered a space to note any areas of expertise that might be applicable to themed units. For example, if you are a music teacher, you might write "music" on the form. Makes sense. I signed Lane up for farming and me up for plants, gardening, and ocean animals. Mind you, the form states "areas of expertise," not "areas of some experience and/or interest." I figured Harper will be more blessed by her parents' school involvement than hurt by the fact that her mom is a little bit of a liar. I can't wait to teach a lesson on the communication patterns of manatees and the brilliant GPS of the yellowfin tuna.
On the topic, during a sorority rush party, I told a member of Tri Delt that I was on the Baylor Water Ski team. Things got awkward when she replied that she was also on the Baylor Water Ski team. Needless to say, I did not pledge Delta Delta Delta. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Harper's New Favorite Place

The Cameron Park Zoo. Yesterday was her first visit and she loved it, I think. She was running a fever all day, but still seemed to enjoy the trip. If Harper liked something while feeling under the weather, then I assume she would have loved it if feeling up to par, right? Nonetheless, here we are.

Quick update on what Harper is doing in life. Being 14 months old. Walking, kind of. Very cautious but taking steps. Talking a lot. She has her own secret language that only a few understand. I'm not one of them, but I think Kingsley is. He always knows what she wants and does a great job making her happy.

We love this kid more than we could have imagined.

Saturday, September 3, 2011