Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I started my new job at Baylor. We've had family in town watching Harper on her "summer" break from PDO. My belly has gotten huge. We began the process of creating a big girl room for Harper. And, Harper and her baby sister (who has yet to be named) received their first matching outfits. Thanks Mary and Luke--all the way from Indonesia! I'm obsessed with these dresses.

Traditional Indonesian dresses. The girls will be so cute and cultured. 

My ever increasing in size belly...31 weeks. 

And, 32 weeks...not a great outfit but usually what I look like if I'm not working. It's hot, people.
The countdown begins. We can't wait to meet wonder bug. Wonder Bug might actually end up being her name. Maybe Dub-B for short. That's how far we are from deciding on what to call her.