Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Red Delicious

Dear Eve,

I hope you enjoyed that apple because morning sickness that actually lasts all day is for the birds.

With deepest gratitude,
Amy--representing all your female descendants

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Glad to be Back

Hopefully I can keep it up. I have the best of intentions. It's the execution part with which I struggle.

Life has been busy these last few months. I've been puking. Lane's been organizing, re-organizing, categorizing, and then re-organizing again old car parts. Harper's been eating fruit snacks and monitoring her dad's car part organization.

We are super excited about the wonder bug in my belly. When recently asked what the baby's name should be, Harper responded, "Raaa, Gigi, and Kit Kit." I guess Kit Kit is kind of cute. We'll keep it in the running.

Here are a few pics of life lately-ish:

I turned 30. My friends insisted on picking me up. Lesley is always the ring leader of these sort of things. 

Harper became OBSESSED with riding the lawn mower. Mowing without her is not an option.

Harper made resolve that because she was gifted with my glorious skin, she will have to wear sunscreen on her face until she is 93.

We took family photo 311 in front of the spikey palms at the Hyatt in San Antonio. It never gets old. Lane's beard went on Spring Break.

 Harper dominated her class egg hunt.

"P" organized an entire Easter Egg hunt at Baylor just for she thinks.

Poppy bought Harper a red she thinks. 

Harper hunted for more eggs in Weinert.

We took another family photo.

I shall least that is my goal.