Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Fall of Firsts

It has been a great Fall semester (yes, I still think in terms of semesters). Here's a few things we did: 

Lane and I got a new daughter: Hazel Jane Murphy.

Harper got a baby sister.

I fell in love for the 3rd time in my life. Lane and Harper were my first 2, in case you were wondering.

Hazel took her first car ride.
Hazel had a small photo shoot.

Harper rode her first amusement park ride.

Hazel rode her first amusement park ride (she's in the Ergo).

Lane and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. We opted for breakfast at home this year. Fancy dinners aren't as feasible with a 2 week old.

Harper was a princess for Halloween.

Hazel attended her first Baylor Homecoming.

Harper got her first haircut. 

Harper moved into a big girl. She loves jumping.

Hazel enjoyed her Sip-N-See.

We had a great Thanksgiving.

Lane turned 31.

Harper and Hazel practiced being best friends.

I helped host a shower for baby Arden.

Harper and Hazel visited Santa.

Harper and Hazel waited for Christmas.

Christmas morning came.

We had a very merry Christmas. Hope you did, too.

Trivia: Can you tell who is who?

Top: Hazel. Bottom: Harper.