Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Way to a Mother's Heart

One way, at least, is when Harper eats her veggies and enjoys them. I feel so proud and have to pull out the camera to document her pleasure in case she protests the leafy greens that await her this Fall. I am daily teaching her about the gardening, general horticulture, and being a good steward of the Earth. She's a little confused why I drive an SUV. So am I, but finance lessons will come next year and there is something to having a paid off car. Our book of the week is about saving Antarctica, making bedtime a bit weighty. Harper takes environmental responsibility very seriously. Here's proof:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Greatest Guy I know

There were countless reasons I married Lane, but one trumped them all. And, he has proven what I knew would be true...his ability to be an amazing dad. He loves Harper with everything in him and my heart melts when I watch the two of them interact. Lane is solid, stable, consistent, and sacrificial in all areas of his life, including parenting. It's only been a year, but he does a pretty close to perfect job.

Obviously this picture isn't from Father's Day. I just like it. 

A little random, but I like this one, too.  

Year of Joy

My baby turned 1 year old today. Tear. It has been the fastest, funnest, and most joyful year of my life. We had a small party last weekend to celebrate Harper Lane Murphy the 1st. Here are a few shots from her strawberry themed party and her actual birthday. 

I made her invites and am super proud of myself. I'm not usually very crafty.
Party favors.
The best shot we could get of Harper and her friends.Thanks, kids.
 Getting annoyed with all the celebrating. 
Officially done until next year.

 Just a few things I love about Harper:
1. Her great sense of humor. She laughs at herself more than anyone else and I love it!
2. How affectionate she is. She loves to give kisses and snuggle. 
3. Her ability to remind me of how good our God is. 

Thank you, LORD, for blessing us with the perfect gift of Harper Lane Murphy. Our prayer is that You would be glorified in her and through her always.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Weekend

Just got back from a girls trip at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas. So fun with my mom, sisters, and daughter. Sadly, I took very few pics and only had my "little" camera.

Here's a few of our main source of entertainment: